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Category: Flying&Sightseeing Flights, In the air (Flights and paragliding)

Locality: Brno, Čeladná, Český ráj , Frýdek Místek, Holešov, Hukvaldy, Jižní Morava, Moravskoslezské Beskydy, Ostrava, Praha, Valašské království


All of us have dreamed of seeing the world through the eyes of a bird. You may have flown by plane many times before – but in a hot air balloon, you can feel the wind in your hair and hear the call of the birds. The point of ballooning is not to reach some destination, but to enjoy the flight itself – the slow, silent glide through the air. Take yourself back to those pioneering days when humans first left the ground and took to the skies…


Options and prices:

Package code:Option:Price without VAT:Price with VAT:
POH 110 323 1 osoba - velký balón (10 - 16 osob) 3 749,85 CZK 4 500,- CZK
POH 111 324 2 osoby - velký balón (10 - 16 osob) 7 499,70 CZK 9 000,- CZK
POH 112 325 1 osoba - malý balón (4 - 8 osob) 4 583,15 CZK 5 500,- CZK
POH 113 326 2 osoby - malý balón (4 - 8 osob) 9 166,30 CZK 11 000,- CZK


Option: Locality:
Date: Pieces:

Contents of the package:

  • hot air balloon flight
  • introduction for participants, insurance
  • 1 hour flight
  • Takeoff from another location can be arranged in advance.

Gift package


Physical conditions: Clients must consider their current state of health.
Total time: 3 – 4 hours
Number of participants: 1 – 2 people
Audience: Spectators can be present on takeoff and landing.
Wear, outfit: Depending on weather conditions and season – dark sports clothing and shoes.
Season: May - October
Weather: Flights will only take place in safe weather conditions. The pilot will have the final decision on whether the flight will take place or not. The date and time of takeoff will be confirmed 12 hours in advance depending on the weahter forecast (wind speed max. 4 m per second, visibility min. 5 km without rain).
When best to order:: 2 weeks before the day
Additional services/programmes:

Let balonem může být součástí některé z vašich firemních akcí, součástí vašeho incentivního zájezdu, oslavy apod. Poptejte přes náš poptávkový formulář co potřebujete a my Vám rádi s organizací pomůžeme!

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