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Emigration to the Wallachian Kingdom

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Category: Adrenalin and adventure, All flavors, Outdoor programs, Teambuilding & Teamspirit, Adrenalin and adventure, Sports and leisure activities, On castles and chateaux, Experience University, With good food and drinks, With plum brandy and other spirits, Tour Packages of all flavors, In the Wallachian Kingdom - folklore programs, In Stramberk adventure and fun, Incentivní akce a cesty pro skupiny a firmy, Zábavné a dobrodružné akce a programy, Na hradech a zámcích, Outdoorové a v přírodě

Locality: Brumov-Bylnice, Česká republika, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Hrad Štramberk, Hukvaldy, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, Moravskoslezské Beskydy, Ostravice, Pustevny - Radhošť, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Štramberk, Trojanovice, Valašská Bystřice, Valašské království, Valašské Meziříčí, Velké Karlovice, Velký Javorník (Beskydy), Vizovice, Všemina, Vsetín


Have you ever thought of escaping from the stresses and strains of life in your home country? Maybe you’re planning a visit to the Beskydy Mountains and the Wallachian Kingdom, to see why so many people have taken up Wallachian citizenship! Read on to see what you can get as part of our ‘immigration package’ – including some great activities, trips, tours and holiday ideas.

You will find the Wallachian Kingdom in the old good Europe, in the Czech Republic, in the region of east Moravia. Just climb the memorable mountain Radhošt and you will see it all. On the east side, the kingdom borders with Slovakia. Just take a walk on the ridge of Javorníky and White Carpathian Mountains, this is the border. On the north, the kingdom neighbours with Lachia and their towns of Frýdek-Místek, Nový Jičín and Příbor. Westwards the mountains gradually recede, and behind the town of Hostýn they meet a rich neighbour - region of Haná. On the south, nearby the towns Zlín, Vizovice and villages surrounding Slavičín, are the neighbours of Wallachians - Moravian Slovaks and Luhačovické Zálesí. That´s the way it is! All the roads lead to the Wallachian Kingdom.When we established the Wallachian Kingdom many and many years ago, we had no idea, how popular it would become. The current situation surpassed our expectations. We have almost 100 000 citizens around the world and the numbers are constantly increasing. Just like Australia, Canada, USA or New Zealand, we have also prepared and announced an immigration policy to accept new immigrants. Yes friend, it is so!!! You too, can become a citizen of the Wallachian Kingdom!!!

You will now be asking yourself questions - Why should I become a Wallach? What will I get out of it? What do I have to do to join? We will now answer these and other questions:

Why become a citizen of the Wallachian Kingdom?

There can be many reasons. It depends wholly on who you are, where you come from, what interests you have, etc. Furthermore, admit to yourself - who would not want to become a citizen of a kingdom in which he does not have to pay any taxes?

A kingdom that has had such a prominent affect on the development of the world? A kingdom that during the last three years developed its own currency, acquired many interesting territories around the world and whose citizens reach unprecedented successes in all fields of human endeavors? The people who become citizens of the kingdom usually have a sense of humor, like to enjoy themselves, accomplished something interesting or they want to assist in developing something that they can influence. We constantly discover more historical facts which indicate that most of our planets population has roots in the territory of the Wallachian Kingdom. During such research it is essential to realize that important facts, circumstances and time factors are not essential, but conviction that it is like that, is. On the bases of such information we are trying to create an „immigration program“ suited to the country, nationality, culture and mentality of the place of your origin. So far our program only includes a few countries. It does not matter what country you come from, if you have an interest in working with us to develop the Wallachian Kingdom, contact us with your ideas and suggestions on the previously mentioned contact details.

Why you might want to immigrate to the Wallachian Kingdom?

The English, because:

1) King Arthur was a famous Celt hero and king, who gained power with the help of Merlin the Magician and the splendid Excalibur sword. He also had regular gatherings with his knights at the Round Table. Later, he lost power and according to one story sailed to a mysterious island with his sister, a magician, and according to another he sailed to Brittany. According to our information he comes to what is today’s territory of the Wallachian Kingdom and rules from a former Celt castle. At the end he also dies here as a pilgrim in a cave on the hill-side rock face of the castle apex. He is resting under a mound of rocks, but when the kingdom will be under the greatest threat, he will ride out with his knights to save it.

2) Richard I - The Lion Heart (1157-99) left England as a member of the Third Crusade and in Palestine won several significant victories. In 1192 he commenced a return journey back to England but on the way across the Austrian and Wallachian territories he was imprisoned by the Emperor Henry VI. Some brave Wallachian mountain folk helped king Richard I escape from his imprisonment so he could return home in 1194. However, prior to his return he fell in love with a Wallachian beauty and left behind a daughter and a son in the Wallachian Kingdom.

3) The Wallachian Kingdom is considering voluntarily becoming a member of the Commonwealth.

4) James Cook (1728-79) was a British sea captain and discoverer who got his name from his father - a descendant of the Wallachian Celts. „Kuk“ is „cook“ in English, and in Wallachian means „peep at, look at, discover...“. This later fundamentally influenced his life and the lives of other „Cooks“ - Thomas Cook etc.

5) The Wallachian Kingdom is the home of golf, which the Wallachians brought to the British Isles during their voyages of discovery in the 14th and 15th centuries. The proof is in the similarity of the upside down „valaska“- extensive grassy hills with holes.

The Australians, because:

1) One of the most popular drinks for the Wallachians, as for Australians, is beer. However, in the kingdom you will get three times as many beers for the price of one in Australia.

2) A unique a tree called „klobasovnik“, or „sausage tree“ in English, can be found only in the kingdom and on it grow sausages from which Wallachians prepare „meat pies“.

3) A significant number of Australians are the descendants of the Wallachians, as out of 575,000 immigrants who arrived between 1947 to 1952, more than half were Wallachians, Poles, Dutch, Austrians, Italians, Greeks, Maltese and Jugoslavs. This is how multicultural Australia was created.

4) The Australian cricket batsmen and golfers can swap their bats and irons for hockey sticks, so they can use their swinging techniques as a slapshot in the game of ice hockey.

5) There are plenty of trees to practice tree chopping.

6) One lost tribe of the Wallachians, now known as Walmajarri, settled in a remote part of the northern West Australian interior after a long journey around the world, when they were shipwrecked on the Australian coast.

The French, because:

1) Gaul is the historical territory of France and Belgium, and in Antiquity, northern Italy and western parts of Switzerland were also settled by a sub-tribe of Wallachian Celts, the Gauls. From this we can presume that many French are the descendants from the Wallachian Celt Gauls.

The Irish, because:

1) Ireland was gradually settled from around the 6th century BC by the Celts and Picts who arrived from what is today the territory of Wallachian Kingdom.

2) In the year 432, the Wallachian scholar and teacher of nations, St Patrick, set out on a journey to the west. He made it to Ireland... St Patrick put the most emphasis on education and

therefore he established monasteries with schools, writing rooms and libraries - in which the largest collection of Celt language was preserved. In a short time the whole country was covered in the educational institutions. Ireland in the early Middle Ages was also called Wallachia Minor.

3) On the 2nd of February the kingdom celebrates the old holiday of Imbolc - Candlesman Feast, which the Wallachians call „hromnice“. Imbolc was an important agricultural holiday, symbolizing the preparation of planting crops and raising of sheep, which are the original domestic animal of the Wallachians.

The Italians, because:

1) In the past, the Wallachians were so brave that even the Roman Empire feared them. The Roman drive north ended at the Danube River. Some of the Roman towns on the Danube have survived to this day: Castra Batava (Passau, Germany),

Vindobona (Vienna, Austria) and Aquincum (Budapest, Hungary). The closest the Romans came to Wallachia was Trencin, Slovakia, where on the cliff face under the castle is a preserved Roman inscription from 179 AD. It is the oldest written relic on the territory of the former Czechoslovakia.

2) Giuseppe Garibaldi together with one thousand volunteers, „the red shirts“, conquered the Kingdom of Two Sicily’s and presented it to the Cavouro ruler, the Sardinian King Victor Emanuell II, who in 1861 was proclaimed the king of united Italy. „We created Italy“, it was said, „Now we must create Italians“. We say - „We created the Wallachian Kingdom. Now we must create Wallachians“.

3) The Italian pizza originated as a result of a visit by an unknown Wallachian scholar, who in his bundle brought a few Wallachian „frgals“ - traditionak Wallachian cakes. The Italians liked them so much that they started baking them themselfes. Due to a lack of Wallachian ingredients they substituted them with their own ingredients.

The Scottish, because:

1) William Wallace, the 13th-century hero of the battles for Scottish independence from England (as made famous in the film Braveheart) was not really executed by the English in London. In fact, he escaped, swam across the English Channel, walked hundreds of miles through the forests of Central Europe, and founded a community of free and independent people in the hills of Moravia. He called the place Wallacia, after himself, and it is now known as Wallachia. So all Wallachians are really the descendants of the Scottish hero William Wallace (hee hee hee).

2) If Scots moved to Wallachia, they could then support the Czech national football team, which is MUCH better that the Scottish team.

3) There are lots of trees for caber tossing.

4) The traditional Wallachian hat goes very nicely with the kilt, and there’s room to hide a bottle of whisky inside.

5) The price of one bottle of whisky in Scotland equals ten bottles of slivovic (plum brandies) in Wallachia.

6) After drinking ten pivos (beers), both Scots and Wallachians speak the same language.

7) Wallachia is long way away from England.

Of what use will the citizenship of the Wallachian Kingdom be to me? To be a citizen of the kingdom has plenty of practical and unpractical advantages. Predominantly:

 - You become a citizen of a country, where much can still be achieved. It is enough to have a desire and you can become a famous royal discoverer, champion, inventor etc.

 - You acquire plenty of interesting rights and obligations.

 - As a holder of the Wallachian Kingdom passport you can take advantage of prearranged benefits and discounts about which we will regularly inform you through our Web site.

 - Cheaper and more pleasant travels in and outside of the kingdom.

 - In the future you will be able to influence the program and „politics“ of your kingdom.

 - Active citizens will be able to acquire further privileges and titles of the kingdom.

Look at the instructional video:



Options and prices:

The price of the programme/trip depends on the selected activities, the number of participants and the length of the whole programme. We can design programmes to suit all budgets! It’s entirely up to you what you want and what your budget is.

Contents of the package:

– Invitations to the event/programme/trip ‘Study at the Wallachian Royal University’. We’ll design the invitations in accordance with your design manual, and we’ll then print them and send them out. You can see an example of an invitation in the photo gallery.

– Transport. Most people make their own way here, but we can take care of your transport connections too if you want. We can arrange flights, airport transfers, and transport during the programme. We have long-term cooperation with several transport companies, and we also have our own fleet of vehicles.

– Accommodation to suit your budget and tastes. We cooperate with hundreds of partner hotels, so we’ll always be able to recommend the best ones for you. Some of them are:

Čeladná - Hotel Miura**** http://www.miura.cz/; Hotel&Garden u Holubů*** www.uholubu.com;

Nový Hrozenkov - Horský hotel Kohútka*** www.kohutka.cz;

Ostrava - Hotel Zámek Zábřeh**** http://www.zamek-zabreh.cz/; Hotel Mamaison**** http://www.mamaison.com/; Hotel Park inn**** http://www.parkinn.cz/hotel-ostrava;

Rožnov p. R. - Hotel Relax*** http://www.hotelrelax.cz/; Hotel Eroplán**** http://www.eroplan.cz/;

Štramberk - Hotel Roubenka*** http://www.roubenkahotel.cz/; Hotel Štramberk****+stylové chaloupky Relaxu v podhůří Beskyd*** www.relaxvpodhuri.cz; Hotel Šipka*** www.hotelsipka.cz/; Hotel Gong**** http://www.hotel-gong.cz/;

Trojanovice - Hotel Troyer**** www.troyer.cz; Hotel Ráztoka*** www.raztoka.cz;

Velké Karlovice - Soláň - Hotel Soláň*** http://www.hotelsolan.cz/; Horský hotel Tatra http://www.hoteltatra.cz/; Hotel Lanterna****, Hotel Horal***, Horel Galik** http://www.valachy.cz/;

We can send you more tips for accommodation depending on your requirements. Not only hotels – you can choose a wide range of accommodation from mountain chalets and cabins to tents and open-air camping.

 – Programme/activities. Most students enjoy a balanced mix of work, adrenaline, fun and relaxation. We cooperate with hundreds of tried and tested service providers to create your very own personalized study package. We don’t just sell services of other providers – we use our team’s creative spirit to devise fun, exciting programmes. So you can enjoy activities like the Štramberk Castle treasure hunt, rides in rally trucks from the Loprais Tatra Team, ‘studying’ at the Faculty of Distilling and Slivovice Studies, or becoming a Wallachian citizen.

During the emigration process, you’ll have to prove that you really have what it takes to become a citizen of the Wallachian Kingdom. If you’re successful, you can attend a fun event at the end of the programme – the ‘Wallachian Citizenship Ceremony’.

Catering and banquets – We can provide catering services to suit the content and location of your programme, ranging from luxury banquets to barbecues and grill parties at the Štramberk Castle or in other picturesque locations.

Presenters and comperes – We cooperate with reasonably priced local comperes, MC’s and well-known presenters from Czech radio, television, and cultural/sporting/entertainment events.

Music – Of course, no event would be complete without proper music and a good sound system. We cooperate with a range of local bands and musicians in all kinds of genres (traditional zither bands, brass bands, folk music, folk rock, rock bands, and much more).

Photography – If you want to create a permanent record of your event, or if you need some interesting photos for a presentation, we can offer you the services of our team of professional photographers. We can make a selection and burn the photos to a CD or DVD (with your printed logo, if you like). In our 16 years of operation, we have built up a big archive of photos that you can use to create your materials and presentations.



Physical conditions:

Anybody over 18 can emigrate to the Wallachian Kingdom – regardless of colour, sex and religion. The only exception is CZECH POLITICIANS! There is absolutely no requirement for physical fitness ;-)

Total time:

The citizenship programme usually lasts two or three days, but it can be altered to suit your requirements.

Number of participants:

Limited only by the capacity. Usually from 25 to 50 people.

Wear, outfit:

Anybody interested in becoming a Wallachian citizen – whether old or young, from nearby or far away – must be properly dressed. So remember: no ragged old trousers, torn T-shirts, or dirty old wellington boots. You have been warned!


You can emigrate at any time. Our immigration authorities, consulates and embassies are open to you all year round.


You can emigrate in all weathers – rain or shine, sun or snow, you will always be welcome.


The weather in the Wallachian Kingdom is definitely easy and quick to recognise. All you need is one shoelace (the slower among you may use both shoe laces, if you so desire). Grip the shoelace in your hand (the slower among you may use both hands) and hold it in front of you.. Now carefully observe the shoelace for at least one minute (the longer you observe it, the more precise your measurements will be). All the meteorologists will envy you this method.


The shoelace throws a shadow                        the sun is shining

The shoelaces doesn’t throw anything           its overcast

The shoelace is moving                                     the wind is blowing

The shoelace is moving a lot                             there is a gale

The shoelace flew away                                    there is a typhoon

The shoelace is wet                                           it’s raining

The shoelace is hard                                         it’s freezing

The shoelace can’t be seen                              it’s foggy

When best to order::

The earlier the better – at least a few days in advance. Before you apply to emigrate, you need to write your details in your Wallachian Kingdom passport and residence permit. If you need to emigrate urgently, we can usually respond within just a few hours and take care of all the formalities.

Additional services/programmes:

We recommend you opt for the photo shoot for your passports. Emigration can be combined with any other suitable activity or programme in the Wallachian Kingdom. A particularly good combination is with Studying at the Faculty of Distilling and Slivovice Studies of the Wallachian Royal University. It’s also a nice touch to give every participant a Wallachian Kingdom Citizen’s Gift Pack or another gift from our range.


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