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If you’re looking for a truly special place to say “I do”, why not choose Štramberk Castle with its picturesque tower. The romantic atmosphere of this Gothic castle, offering amazing views of the picturesque Beskydy Mountains, makes it the perfect place for your perfect day…

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Weddings at Holešov chateau

Do you dream of being a princess and a prince for just one day and one night, like characters from a fairy-tale? Imagine a chateau – beautiful gardens and orchards, grand halls and elegant ...

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Svatba s veteránem aneb k obřadu v historickém voze

Svatba je nezapomenutelný okamžik, který si zasluhuje zvláštní přístup. Výběr vhodného svatebního vozu k jedinečnosti svatby bezesporu přispívá. Zapomeňte na moderní ...

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Valašská svatba

…a byla svatba – vždyť to znáte. Ale jaká! Valašská! Nevěsta a ženich oblečeni do svátečních krojů si řekli své ano v dřevěné radnici. Venku hrála muzika, ogaři ...

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Do you want to enjoy your leisure time with a range of interesting activities, not only relaxing but learning something new as well?

Come and experience the WALLACHIAN KINGDOM for at least a day!

Specially for you, we have wrapped up some wonderful, unforgettable times into a range of themed ‘Packages of Experiences’.

We are sure that everybody will be able to find something that suits their personality, interests, mood, age and physical ability.


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